3 Tips for Hosting This Holiday Season

3 Tips for Hosting This Holiday Season

We know hosting for the holidays can be stressful, so we’ve compiled 3 tips for hosting this holiday season from when you enter the kitchen to when you see your guests out.

1. Prep your menu

It’s easy to get overwhelmed on the day of… with the little ones running around and the grandparents “politely” informing you that you’re doing it all wrong. So, Tip 1 is prepping your menu and ingredients beforehand. Here are five sources with a bundle of recipes to help you get ready for the battle that awaits:

2. Plan Festive Activities

Spice up any gathering with festive activities. From an ugly sweater contest to a DIY cocktail competition, create merry memories with your loved ones:

3. Gift Your Guests with a Keepsake

As the party comes to a close, gift your guests a special memory from your time together. Try a sweet treat for the dessert enthusiast or a mini blush set for the beauty guru. Take a look at this ultimate Gift Guide featuring 50 handpicked goodies for every type of person.

Still not enough winter magic? Browse through “Your Guide to a Family-Friendly Weekend of Winter Fun” for a list of activities throughout Orange County.

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