NEW Fitness Studio in Irvine

NEW Fitness Studio in Irvine

Experience fitness in a class of its own at Club Studio located at Oak Creek® Shopping Center. Featuring five innovative boutique fitness studios, recovery services, a swimming pool and more, Club Studio is a cutting-edge facility combining specialized classes and luxury amenities.

  • Strength: Boost your endurance in a HIIT style training class featuring treadmills, rowers, bikes and more.
  • Box: Try nine rounds of signature boxing combinations and drills.
  • Ride: Enjoy a full body indoor cycle rhythm ride paired with a weight sequence.
  • Hot yoga: Sweat and flow to the beat of the music.
  • Pilates: Reset the mind and body in high-intensity classes focused on lengthening and strengthening the body.
  • Cryotherapy and recovery: Experience cryotherapy chambers perfect for muscle repair.

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