New Parakeet Café Location in Newport Beach

New Parakeet Café Location in Newport Beach

Flock to the new Parakeet Café location at Crystal Cove Shopping Center in Newport Beach. They focus on bringing a fresh, healthy and colorful approach to food. All their menu items feature locally sourced organic ingredients and accommodate various dietary preferences including vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo and vegan.

After learning of their daugther’s rare disease, Parakeet Café founders Carol and Jonathan Goldwasser turned to food to regain hope during a seemingly powerless time in their lives. They incorporated high-quality ingredients in her meals, and slowly began to notice the impact that food had on her health, as well as the impact that it had on their lives.

Today, Parakeet Café continues that commitment to strengthening lives and relationships through food. During your visit, find yourself surrounded amongst friends, neighbors, foodies, young and old. Be a part of a celebration of one of life’s simplest pleasures: sharing a meal, and having a drink.

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