Fresh Air with Outdoor Fitness

Fresh Air with Outdoor Fitness

With the many changes over the course of the last year, we have had to adopt new habits and lifestyles. One of the most important parts of life is our health and being active contributes greatly to that.

While indoor gyms have been closed up until recently, we have found new ways to keep a consistent healthy lifestyle even with many obstacles in our way.

Outdoor fitness has become a great trend that is sure to continue even upon indoor gyms and classes reopening. Who can resist the fresh SoCal sun and air? It’s something that we can sure take advantage of!

We know where you can find the best fitness classes and amenities. Be sure to contact individual stores for their exact outdoor offerings so you can get your cool and breezy workout on!

Irvine Spectrum Center offerings
Fashion Island offerings
The Market Place offerings
Local Neighborhood Center offerings

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