Baking Betty’s Delights

Baking Betty’s Delights

Explore the sweet possibilities with these heavenly cookies garnished with a twist.

Known for her distinct combination of ingredients, the founder of Baking Betty’s at Fashion Island, Emily Osterberg, spends hours freshly baking cookies and adding a touch of uniqueness to the classic cookie flavors. With her cult favorites like Pug Chow, Creme Brûlée, and Circus Animal, Baking Betty’s is the ideal sweet for all occasions.

Baking Betty's Pug Chow Cookie
Pug Chow: peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate and peanut butter then rolled in Chex mix and powdered sugar


Circus Animal cookie from Baking Betty's at Fashion Island
Circus Animal


Creme Brulee cookie from Baking Betty's at Fashion Island
Creme Brûlée


Baking Betty’s has special Easter treats available now through April 15:

Frosted Sugar Cookies with Easter Topper from Baking Betty's
Frosted Sugar Cookies with Easter Topper


Easter-themed Sugar Cookies from Baking Betty's
Easter-themed Sugar Cookies


The gorgeous limited edition Beauty and the Beast-themed rose cookies will be available as well to indulge in after watching the lavishly detailed live-action remake of the classic animated feature, now playing at Island Cinema.
Beauty & The Beast-themed rose cookie at Baking Betty's Fashion Island


Baking Betty’s also features ice cream sandwiches custom-made with your choice of cookies and ice cream flavors:
Baking Betty's Fashion Island also features ice cream cookie sandwiches


Need more cookie to go around? Cookie cakes are a great value for more people. Simply choose any of the 26 flavors and Baking Betty’s will use their magic to turn it into a cookie cake!


Using premium ingredients with no preservatives added, Baking Betty’s will “keep you coming back for s’more!”

Baking Betty’s at Fashion Island
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