Interview with Santa

Interview with Santa

Hello Zesters! We have some exciting news…we met Santa! Yes, we know him. Not as well as Buddy the Elf does, but we still know him!

In fact, our favorite North Pole resident sat down with us recently to talk about his annual vacation to his custom-built home in The OC.

OCZ: Hi Santa! Welcome back to Newport Beach! How were your travels?
Santa: Ho, ho, hello! Well, dear, our trip down here was quite quick actually. The reindeer, as you probably know, are so speedy. And Rudolph’s red nose came in handy when trying to navigate through the marine layer down here. It’s packing the sleigh that takes a long time. Our elves may be small but they sure can pack a lot!

OCZ: Really? What did they need to bring? Bathing suits?
Santa: Actually, yes! I told them about the pool at Pelican Hill and the beaches at Crystal Cove and they’ve been so excited. They can’t wait to take elfies along the coast and send the pics to their friends back home. We only have a few days of play though because starting this Friday [November 18], we need to have the house ready to welcome visitors.

OCZ: Oh yes, your house. We heard how this was custom built for you. Can you tell us more?
Santa: You know how HomeAid Orange County previously created spectacular playhouses for auction? Well, when I heard about how they used the money raised from this event to develop housing for families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Orange County, I too wanted to help! So, I called up HomeAid and they introduced me to Dave Mulvaney, a local custom home builder and playhouse builder extraordinaire. We decided that Dave would build my OC residence at Fashion Island and, in return, I would spread joy to the children of HomeAid.

OCZ: Well you are the best person to spread joy and holiday cheer!
Santa: Why thank you! I spend part of my vacation here visiting with children from local HomeAid developments. It’s a lot of fun. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from every photo guests take with me at Fashion Island is donated to HomeAid Orange County. So, just by coming to visit me, you too can help make the holiday season a little bit brighter for others.

OCZ: We love that. And we love that the elves have a home here too.
Santa: Yes, my little but mighty elves. I can’t pull off the holiday miracle without them! Dave made sure to build them an elf-sized village right outside my home that includes everything they need to keep working away: a jeweler, a cobber, a baker, and, of course, a toy shop!

The Elf Village outside of Santa's custom-built house at Fashion Island
The Elf Village outside of Santa’s custom-built house at Fashion Island

OCZ: That’s great! The kids get to see this village while waiting to visit with you, right?
Santa: They sure can! And then, after they tell me what they want for Christmas and we take photos together, my Fashion Island friends have some fun surprises for our guests. Word on the paseo is that there’s a cute coloring book for the kids and an offers booklet for the parents!

OCZ: How fun! So, beyond your home-sweet-Orange County-home, what else do you have planned during your stay here?
Santa: We’ll be at the Tree Lighting Ceremony this weekend to help light the tree! This is one of Mrs. Claus’s favorite events. She loves how festive and cheerful the nights are. In fact, The Young Americans, who are performing at the event this year, sent her a mix tape of the songs they’ll be singing and she had us listen to it on our trip down here. It’s just such a magical and wonderful time of year.

OCZ: What will you do after the event?
Santa: Our house on the Atrium Lawn officially opens at 6:30pm for guests to meet with us. We can’t wait to hear what the children want for Christmas this year. Our elves have already gotten a lot of requests for Hatchimals, Trolls, Star Wars toys, Elena of Avalar, and Legos. And, Mrs. Claus’s favorite: the Pie Face game.

OCZ: We love it. And, Santa, we love you! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy busy schedule to chat with us.
Santa: It is my pleasure, my dear.


Santa’s house officially opens for visitors this Friday, November 18th at 6:30pm. For complete Santa hours and pricing, click here.


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