Fresh sunnies from Chilli Beans

Fresh sunnies from Chilli Beans

Summer’s must-have accessory for everyone: sunglasses! Find your perfect pair at Chilli Beans at Irvine Spectrum Center.

Chilli Beans, a growing Brazilian eyewear and accessories brand, has more than 600 locations in Brazil and across the U.S., Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Kuwait and the UAE.

Chilli Beans philosophy? That sunglasses and watches are fashion accessories and people should be able to change them as often as they change their outfits. A pair of cool sunglasses and a stylish watch should last for years but it doesn’t mean you should wear the same ones everyday. That’s why a new limited and exclusive collection is releases every week with great quality and affordable prices. Chilli Beans also promotes the concept of self-service in eyewear, encouraging customers to handle and try on products without having to ask an associate to unlock a display.

What’s hot now in sunglass trends?

“Mirror lenses are hugely popular right now for sunglasses,” said Eddie Lozano, a store manager at Chilli Beans at Irvine Spectrum Center. “Also popular are flat lens sunglasses – the lenses lay flat versus the traditional curved lens and the look is very cool and futuristic.”

Chilli Beans’ eyewear ranges in price from $45 to $85, with a wide array of silhouettes and shapes for every face.


Chilli Beans is located next to Lorna Jane, near Kona Grill.

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