Mind, Body and Soul – Get in Shape with SoulCycle

Mind, Body and Soul – Get in Shape with SoulCycle

This is the year to tackle your fitness goals and SoulCycle is here to help!

SoulCycle at Fashion Island, Orange County’s premier full-body indoor cycling studio, has been helping riders release stress, burn fat, tone muscle, find joy in movement, and change their bodies and lives everyday since its opening.

Soul-CycleThe studio features a 58-bike studio, home to the signature SoulCycle workout that is high energy, results-oriented and community based.

At SoulCycle, riders engage in high intensity cardio (burning between 500-700 calories in 45-minutes), while also toning their upper bodies using hand weights and core-engaging choreography. The exercise program focuses on rhythm and the “energy of the pack,” which creates a strong bond between riders.


If you’ve never taken a class before, don’t worry! The classes are held in candlelit studios, allowing riders to keep up at their own pace. Rides take place to one-of-a-kind playlists with instructors who are inspirational coaches, pushing riders to do their best on and off the bike.

After your first class you’ll know why SoulCycle has quickly become a fitness favorite!

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