Coming Soon: Temakira at University Center

Coming Soon: Temakira at University Center

Come “kira” at Temakira at University Center, the popular hand roll shop opening later this month.

11742974_1667562573475500_6562051088035654988_n Temakira merges Brazilian creativity and Japanese tradition. “Temaki” meaning hand roll and “kira” meaning together, is an innovative way to introduce a new form of sushi in a contemporary setting.

Each temaki is made-to-order, crafted by wrapping a piece of nori or seaweed, in a cone shape that holds a selection of rice, raw fish, veggies and sauces within. The roll is large enough to hold by hand and super fun to eat!

CalieneBe sure to try the signature Calientail, a combination of yellowtail, avocado and cucumber with extra spicy sauce. The flavor and heat packed into this roll are not to be missed.

10922565_1584255675139524_107187692356024885_nTemakira’s Zesty Miso is also a local favorite. The lemon miso gives the salmon an amazing flavor and the unique combination of flavors gives this roll a lively kick of its own.

Customize your rolls with the options of soy paper, brown rice and a selection of fillings, proteins and sauces.

GyozaThe Pork & Cabbage Gyoza is not to be missed as well! Made from scratch and served warm, these signature potstickers make for a delicious starter.

Temakira will also serve beer, wine, sake, shochu and a variety of soft drinks.

Temakira will be located next to Tender Greens.

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