Flavor Fusion: Urban Seoul 2.0

Flavor Fusion: Urban Seoul 2.0

At Irvine Spectrum Center, Urban Seoul 2.0’s borderless kitchen draws inspiration from the cultures and communities it serves. Born of Southern California’s culinary melting pot, some of Urban Seoul’s most popular dishes blend together the flavors of Asia and Mexico and pays homage to the street food scene.

The fusion restaurant is celebrating its one-year anniversary at Irvine Spectrum Center. Here’s a look at some of our favorite dishes:

Korean Pork Belly Tacos at Urban Seoul 2.0Taco ’bout delicious! The Korean Pork Belly Tacos ($7.95) are loaded with sweet pork meat and topped with scallions and pickled onions all served in a fresh tortilla.

Urban 3b at Urban Seoul 2.0The Urban 3b ($10) takes a twist on the classic Asian dish bibimbap. Packed with your choice of meat, shredded romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, radish, cucumber, carrots, fried onions, poached egg, on white or purple rice. We recommend the Kogi beef!

Chorizo Kimchi Fried RiceFour words, one mouthwatering entrée. Chorizo Kimchi Fried Rice ($12.50) serves up a sizzling bowl of chorizo, bacon, pork belly, kimchi, garlic, rice, pickled red onions, green onions and a sunny side up egg.

Urban Pork BunThe Urban Pork Bun ($8.75) is comprised of five hour braised and seared pork belly, mixed green and cucumber kimchi on a pillowy bun.
Garlic Shrimp SkilletThe new dish on the block is sizzling! Succulent shrimps, steamed broccoli, garlic fried rice, a fried egg and Urban Seoul’s secret sauce make up the Garlic Shrimp Skillet ($13.95).

Strawberry Shaved SnowCool down with an ice cold, sweet treat after your meal with the strawberry, green tea or mango shaved snow ($6.50).

Urban Seoul 2.0 is located next to Pieology Pizzeria at Irvine Spectrum Center.

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