Model aspirations: Local teen model on the STYLEWEEKOC runways

Model aspirations: Local teen model on the STYLEWEEKOC runways


Local O.C. teen Juliet Larsen, a model since the age of 14, has walked for designers such as Alber Elbaz of Lanvin and prestigious brands like Chanel and Dior. Lucky for us, the stunning 17-year-old is also walking in several STYLEWEEKOC shows! We nabbed her for a quick chat about what it’s like to be an aspiring model …

Z: How did you get into modeling?

JL: When I was thirteen and still had braces, I realized that I was tall enough to be a model, and I began studying every piece of information I could find on the modeling and fashion industry. A few months later I begged my mom to take me to open calls (“auditions” for being signed to a modeling agency), and she said that as long as I planned it out, she would take me to Los Angeles during spring break. By the end of the week, I had signed with an agency.

Julliet Larsen: by Taschka Turnquist

Z: What designers/shows have you walked for? 

JL: I’ve walked for over 75 runway shows on the West Coast since I began modeling at age 14, with brands ranging from Chanel to Dior to Oscar de la Renta. My absolute favorite show was actually one of my first shows, when I walked for Alber Elbaz, the head designer of Lanvin. He’s one of the most genuinely kind, sincerely warm people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.  The night of his private runway show was magical!  The clothes were exquisite and I was able to meet some of the models I’d always looked up to, such as Sui He and Hanna Gaby Odiele.  The private runway event took place in a beautiful classic building called the Carondelet House, and every detail about the night was perfect.



Z: What’s your beauty regimen? Any beauty secrets you’d like to share?

JL: I make sure I ALWAYS wash my face every morning and night. Since I’m a teenager, I work hard to both fight breakouts and protect my skin from the sun. I love Murad’s Essential C collection of skin products, because they aren’t greasy and they leave my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. It also smells like citrus, which is a plus!

Z: What about your fitness routine?

JL: I try to run about 4-5 miles a day while holding 5 pound weights. It’s a great stressbuster, and I treat myself to watching Netflix documentaries while I run. (I’m definitely a nerd).

Z: How tall are you?

JL: 5’11”

Z: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

JL: I love Diesel because they have the best runway walking shoes and super chic industrial items to mix into a casting-ready wardrobe. I also love American Apparel because their basics are so versatile and highlight the body’s natural lines in a really beautiful way. I also love  Nordstrom. It has everything I need while shopping! Even coffee!


Z: What item in your wardrobe can you NOT live without?

JL: My Diesel heels. I wear them to every casting I go to. They make me feel confident, sexy, and they are surprisingly comfortable, which is extremely important!

Z: What fashion trend do you love right now? Hate?

JL: I love crop tops because I really like to accentuate my waistline in most of my outfits. I can’t stand the flower crown headband trend that’s popular right now.  I hate the over alls trend, too.  It looks sloppy and diaperish to me.


Z: Any words of advice for other aspiring models?

JL: Don’t take criticism too personally. As a model, you’re basically a living coat hanger, so people will critique your appearance as if you’re an item of clothing as well. Everyone will have a different opinion about you and how you look, so don’t let any subjective criticism shake your confidence.

Z: Who is your favorite model?

JL: Heidi Klum was actually the model that inspired me to become a model myself, because I grew up watching Project Runway with my family at dinnertime. Now that I’m older, I have an even greater respect for her career and expansion into other industries like business and television.

Z: What is your schedule like right now?

JL: My schedule is absolutely INSANE right now! Every inch of my datebook is completely filled with to-dos and events. Yesterday I was up and working from 4 am to 10 pm, and then the next day I had an essay and a test in school at Los Alamitos High. It’s a demanding schedule, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love being busy!


Z: Best part of modeling? Downside?

JL: The best part for me is networking with photographers, designers, and producers, because I’m fascinated by the business side of things, and this job allows me to meet so many influential, inspirational people. The downside is that it takes time away from my education and from my family and friends. However, I’m grateful for the opportunity to model, and luckily my friends, family and boyfriend are understanding of my busy schedule.

Z: Do you plan to pursue modeling full-time or will you also be going to school?

JL: I certainly plan on going to a University, because I value my education so much, and I know that I won’t be a model forever. However, I would love to take a gap year and dedicate myself full-time to modeling to maximize the fantastic opportunities this industry provides me with.

Z: What is your ultimate goal with modeling?

JL: I would love to take part in New York/Paris/Milan fashion weeks, because I’ve wanted to walk for them since I started modeling, but I wasn’t old enough. Being on the cover of Vogue would be mind-blowing to me, especially since I’ve been an avid reader of the magazine since I was nine years old. Because I’m also very interested in film/theatre acting and producing, my ultimate dream cover would probably be the cover of Vanity Fair, because it encompasses everything I love about the entertainment industry: film, art, and fashion.

Don’t forget to catch Juliet strutting down the runway at 7 p.m. tonight and tomorrow at Irvine Spectrum Center for STYLEWEEKOC! And you can follow Juliet’s Instagram: @juliet.larsen!

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