Gorgeous Confections at Minamoto Kitchoan

Gorgeous Confections at Minamoto Kitchoan

Minamoto Kitchoan Confections
 It’s hard not to fawn over beautiful treats and the ones at the newly opened Minamoto Kitchoan at Fashion Island might make you swoon. This Japanese boutique specializes in traditional “wagashi” sweets, from everyday treats such as tsuya (sweet red bean paste sandwiched between two mini pancakes) and daifuku (glutinous rice cakes filled with azuki) to elegant seasonal delicacies.

Minamoto Kitchoan Treats

We are obsessed with the white chocolate mochi, which has white chocolate cream stuffed in chewy mochi and green-tea crunchies. Or, splurge on the Shimizuhakuto jelly ($16):  it’s a golden, jiggly orb that bursts with peach flavor.


Minamoto’s delicious treasures are renowned for their artful presentations as well as their taste – they make perfect gifts for the foodie in your life!

Minamoto Kitchoan is located near Nordstrom, next to TravisMathew. Learn more about the shop and their Japanese sweets at www.kitchoan.com.

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