Boutique spotlight: Piajeh

Boutique spotlight: Piajeh

We have a serious crush on Piajeh at Crystal Cove Shopping Center. Why? Because that’s where you can find exquisite treasures that owner Mariam Zand brings back from her extensive treks across the globe, perfect for the discerning fashion lover who wants pieces that are above the usual fray of designers.

We’re talking exclusive European brands and designers not readily found elsewhere, like N°21,  the new collection of womenswear and footwear from creative director Alessandro Dell’Acqua, known for his effortless marriage of feminine and masculine shapes and silhouettes, with whimsical prints.

Then there’s Three Floor, the super hot, fashion-forward but ultra-wearable line from the UK that’s been featured in British Vogue and sold on Shopbop and RevolveClothing.

Gorgeous footwear from designers such as AGL, Nina Lilou, Lorenzo Masiero and Strategia
Piajeh just started carrying footwear by Casadei – these black suede pumps are delicious
There’s every kind of statement jewelry you could possibly need here, from cocktail rings to bold bib and collar necklaces from designers such as DanniJo

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